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2016-2017 Board Members

Co-Presidents:  Eve Isenberg & Sven Olson

Treasurer:  Suzanne Jones

Secretary: Lauren Wood

Webmaster: David Rosenbaum 

Membership Outreach: Janine Olson

Newsletter: Judy Sum

At Large:

Suzanna Kamon

2017-2018 Board Members

(July 1 2017 to June 30, 2018)

Co-Presidents:  Sven Olson & David Rosenbaum

Treasurer:  Dan Stapleton

Secretary: Carolyn Schweitzer

WebmasterDavid Rosenbaum 

Membership Chair: Janine Olson

Events  & Social Media Chair: Shawna Pelton

Newsletter: <open>

At Large: Kim Haverstock

Constitution and By-Laws

April 2017 version

2016-2017 Board Meeting Minutes

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